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Download MS-DOS version 1.11 (190 K)

Download MS-DOS version 1.11 with Windows 3.1/95/98/NT installer (388 K)

System Requirements

All you need to run this program is any PC with MS-DOS (all Microsoft Windows operating systems have MS-DOS) and a 16-colour or better video card. This has been tested on a 20Mhz 386 with 4MB of memory and may work on slower systems.


If you are running Windows, download the version with the Windows installer. Run the file you have downloaded and everything should be straightforward after that.

If you are not running Windows but MS-DOS on its own (or have a DOS emulator on another operating system) or if you simply wish to cut down on download time, then download the version without an installer into its own directory on your hard drive. You then need to run it, whereupon lots more files will appear. One of these files is called README.TXT - look at this for extra information or if you get stuck - this will tell you how to run the program.