Teletubbies Logos for Windows

  • Windows 3.1
  • Windows 95/98/ME

    Windows 95/98/ME

    This is what the startup screen looks like. Well, obviously the Windows 95 and ME versions will each have their name on the bottom but you get the idea. As you will no doubt notice, this picture is a hilarious visual pun! Look, they are looking through a window you see. And the operating system is called Windows! Do you get it? Ha Ha Ha! Oh, suit yourselves then...

    And this is what the shutdown screen looks like. Yeah, I know they're a bit grainy but Windows logos only use 256 colours. Try them out and see how they look; you can always uninstall them again if you don't like them.


    Download Windows 95 version (232 K)

    Download Windows 98 version (232 K)

    Download Windows ME version (263 K)

    System Requirements

    All you should need is the correct version of Windows for your selected logos!


    Just select the correct download for your version of Windows. Run the file you have downloaded and it will install itself. Should you dislike the results (how could you?!), just use Add/Remove Programs in your Control Panel to restore your original settings.

    Windows 3.1

    No visual puns on this one. That's what you get for living in 1994. Still, you do get this charming picture of Laa Laa doing her "secret dance" which, incidentally, is what the teletubbies in the top picture are looking at.


    Download Windows 3.1 version (9K)

    System Requirements

    You need to be running Windows 3.1 (duh!) in VGA mode (not EGA or CGA).


    Download the zip file and open it. Inside there is a file called README.TXT which contains installation instructions.