The Ultimate Teletubby Link-o-rama!

Many other people have also been sufficiently inspired by the Teletubbies to create web pages about them. I hope to list as many as possible here so feel free to send more in. If you can't decide which of the vast array of sites to visit, you can go to a random site using the form below.

Remember, you are now leaving and I take no responsibility for any of the content on the pages linked to below, so be careful!

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Official sites
BBC Teletubbies SiteGreat official site with plenty of games, activities and desktop goodies.
PBS Teletubbies SiteU.S. official site with lots of interactive Java stuff. Makes my browser crash :(
Ragdoll Teletubbies SiteOfficial site from the people who created the Teletubbies program. Includes an interview with the writers
Teletubbies@niftyGreat Japanese official site with plenty to see and do
Dutch official siteListings, colouring pictures and a message board
German offical siteA few pictures and precious little else
KBS Teletubbies SiteOfficial Korean site
Unofficial fan sites of rubbish! I wouldn't bother :)
KinderfreundExtensive German site with some great pictures, games and tons of other stuff. Recommended
Moose Industries 2000Very, very funny!
Tinky Winky Virtual Paper DollHelp dress Tinky Winky in some very flamboyant clothes. Quality.
Televizion Online - "The Teletubbies"Extensive collection of articles on the teletubbies
The Encyclopedia of Fantastic Film and TelevisionFacts about the show including a complete list of every single episode!
The Teletubbies Meet Pulp (And Battle On The Edge Of Time)Amusing if you've heard "Common People" by Pulp
Grey Olltwit's FreewareIncludes a teletubbies screensaver, wallpaper and a game
Curvecomm TeletubbiesSome amusing profiles and info
Dancing TeletubbiesLike Hamsterdance with teletubbies. And music in German. Oh and you can win chocolate apparently. Odd.
Teletubbies - the missionThe tale of how three young Yorkshiremen invaded Teletubbyland
Rural WarwickshirePhotographs of Teletubbyland
Teletubbies - The True StoryIt's really a wildlife documentary, you know!
Teletubbies Media FilesTons of unique pictures, MP3s, downloads and other stuff
Graphics By CorinneSome teletubby graphics for people to use on their webpages
Erin's Teletubby Fan ClubLarge site with a message board, chatroom, pen pals and more
Teletubbies: Gods Beyond the AbyssThe most bonkers teletubbies page I have ever come across with numerological details of why the teletubbies are worthy of worship and suggestions for how best to worship them
Teletubbies MailGet a teletubbies e-mail address
Teletubbies: The AlbumTongue-in-cheek music review of this seminal classic
Los TeletubbiesSpanish Teletubbies site with lots of pictures
TubbyCardsCreate a virtual Teletubbies postcard
Teletubbies CraftsHow to make teletubbies from toilet rolls
De Dansende TeletubbiesDutch site with various stuff but notable for the "Techno Hippies Teletubbies" song!
Tijd Voor TeletubbiesDutch site with some nice teletubbies puzzles
Teletubbies Kinder WebGerman site with puzzles, colouring pictures and lots more
Teletubbies In The WorldJapanese site with some interesting pictures of Teletubbies merchandise from around the world
Laa-Laa LottieFan fiction by an eleven year old
Su's Telletubby pageSounds, icons, a screensaver and some, uh, rather familiar looking games
Bootleg TeletubbiesSome dodgy tubby toys. The YMCA tubs are a must see!
Teletubbies 2000General Teletubbies site
PoNice Korean shrine to the red teletubby
TeletappimaaBizarre Finnish site with some very peculiar Teletubbies pictures indeed
Time for Teletubbies!Pictures, sounds and profiles
Teletubbies Land IIFan fiction and games
Martijn's Teletubbie siteGeneral Teletubbies site
telepuziki.sitecity.ruSome scans from Russian Teletubbies magazines and, erm, lots of words in Russian
De TELETUBBIEclubDiscussion group for Dutch Teletubbies fans
Colour your favorate Teletubbies on-lineColouring fun
Heinz TeletubbiesPictures of Teletubbies spaghetti hoops from what is, in all honesty, the best spaghetti hoops website I have ever seen.
Simpsons Teletubbies referencesIt's surprising how many times the Teletubbies have appeared in The Simpsons.
Virtual Teletubbies An essay about robot behaviour synthesis (!) using teletubbies as an example
Zeit für Teletubbies!German site with lots of information about the show
Mark's teletubbies pageSome dicussion on the show's appeals to various groups and some character profiles
Time for Teletubbies WebringHome page of a Teletubbies webring
Kailea's Teletubbies PageGeneral Teletubies site
Who is REALLY Gay Here???An explanation of why Tinky Winky is NOT gay
God Save The TeletubbiesMad rant about how the program is a satire on post-modern apocolyptic something or other..
The Ultimate Teletubbies HomepageGeneral Teletubbies site
Teletupsud - TeletubbiesEstonian Teletubbies page
Russian TeletubbiesContains a child's Teletubby computer art
TeletubbiesSome discussion as to Tinky Winky being trangendered plus some music and video clips
Teletubbies Welcomes YouArabic Teletubbies site with those familiar looking games again.
Meet the TubbiesGeneral Teletubbies site
Teletubbies: A Psychoanalytic PerspectiveBizarre Teletubbies psychobabble
(some title I can't type)Odd Korean site
an-TeletapitFinnish site
A Tribute To The Teletubbies!A page detailing one family's praise for the teletubbies
Eight Months OldAn eight month old child, surrounded by pictures of teletubbies. And, er, that's it!
Heather's Teletubbies PagePictures and links
Teletubbyland CentralTeletubby pictures
Mely's TeletubbiesSmall Spanish site
Molly's TeletubbiesGeneral Teletubbies site
Shannon's Teletubbies PageTeletubby Pictures
Levi's Teletubbies siteGeneral Teletubbies site
AIR Head's Teletubby LandPage describing the teletubbies
Matt's TeletubbiesProfiles and sounds
TeletubbiesJust a list of links really. Not as good as this one, mind!
Taylor's Teletubbies PageGeneral Teletubbies site
Kelcey's PageA kid's tribute to the teletubbies
Ashley's Teletubbies PageGeneral Teletubbies site
Gabriel's Teletubbies pageSmall teletubbies page
Zachary's Teletubbies pageSmall teletubbies page
Teletubbies PageSome profiles
Hi I'm PaigeSmall teletubbies page by Paige (tee-hee!)
(some title I can't type)General Korean site - doesn't seem to be working properly
TeletubbiesAnother Korean site full of broken links. Do I need a special Korean browser or something?
Teletubbies - A Recombo DNA Lab InvestigtionDoesn't really work properly anymore
Erin's PlaygroundSmall girl dressed as Po
Patrick's and Dominik's Tele Tubbies PageSmall Teletubbies page
Posh Spice's and Suga N' Spice's TeletubbylandSadly, most of it's broken
Time for Teletubbies with NickiSmall Teletubbies page
Kayleena's Teletubbie PageSmall Teletubbies page
TubbyworldLots of links that have nothing to do with the teletubbies whatsoever. I don't understand!
TubbyworldLots of links that have nothing to do with the teletubbies whatsoever. But in German this time
Anti-teletubbies sites :(
CommieTubbies Information CentreIt's all a communist plot! Quite funny actually.
(Anti) TeletubbiesLots of gory pictures, sounds and games
The Teletubbies versus Trumpton Fire BrigadeA debate about who would win such a fight. Sadly the wooden firemen emerge victors.
Teletubbies and The The Time Machine: Corruptive OpressionHow Teletubbies apparently promotes class oppression
Newgrounds Presents - Teletubby Fun LandVery nasty flash animations and a few blast-the-tubbies type games. Not nice!
Teletubbies Mercy KillingDear God! Another shoot-em-up.
Teletubbies Execution ChamberGory unpleasentness
The Four Horsemen Vs TeletubbiesThe Horsemen appear to be wrestlers. Here is a commentary on them wrestling the teletubbies.
The Teletubbies Love TriangleSordid speculation as to what the teletubbies may get up to off air.
Bad TeletubbiesCartoon pictures of wasted tubs
Tuomari vs. TeletapitFinnish comic strip featuring some bloke assassinating our heroes with a variety of weapons
totuuksia teletapeistaI can't read Finnish but it features the furry four in the company of Saddaam Hussein and then being microwaved. It can't be good!
Death to the Tubbies!!!!Pictures of Tubby carnage.
Down with TeletubbiesA rant against all that is apparently wrong about the teletubbies

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